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Rave Reviews From My Clients

"The ability to slow down and feel total relaxation is a pretty cool thing. I was able to do this, with Andrew's support and encouragement, in a way that felt right for me. It works and Andrew is as knowledgeable as they come."

-Ed Q,

Senior Executive

"This is the first time I have been exposed to things like this, and I found this kept my attention occupied. It was the best meditation I have ever had."

- James B. Retired Navy SEAL

I found Andrew's lessons easy to understand and follow, and he kindly addressed any questions I had. My self-awareness and relationships with others improved. I also feel calmer and more joyous and in tune with my spirit. What a great gift! Thank you very much Andrew!


MBA, Stay at home mom

Endorsed By International Authorities

Andrew Scheffer was both a monk in Burma and a graduate of The Wharton School. That combination means he both knows what he’s talking about and can put it in ways that anyone can understand. " 

- Daniel Goleman,

Author, Emotional Intelligence

 "One of the most important qualities of a great coach is mindfulness. To best help others, it is first key to know ourselves. Andrew's process can help you do it! "

-Marshall Goldsmith,

World's #1 Leadership Coach

“Andrew Scheffer's method is among the very best ways to produce the fundamental changes in your brain that lead to sustained higher performance. At least, that's my experience."

- Andrew Blum,

Chairman, Trium Group

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"What I love about this practice is that I have learned to be present, control unnecessary worries, and find ways throughout my day to calm my mind, gain greater focus and turn those worries into action items. I am in the now, present, and focused on what is actually important."

-Theresa S. Finance Professional

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Meet Andrew

The founder of The 2 Minute M.O.N.K. Method, Andrew Scheffer, is the only person with an MBA from Wharton and a BA from Johns Hopkins University who devoted 7 years of his life to full-time meditation with the last generation of great teachers.

He has, over the course of 30+ years, invested over 10,000 hours with Buddhist monks and other world-leading meditation teachers deepening his own practice and understanding so that he can apply it and teach others

Along the way, he has learned how to apply the methods normally reserved for monks in monasteries, to his career and family life and is now sharing the method with others.

He can save you years of searching for a method that works in the midst of busy careers and family demands. 

Technique: The 2 Minute M.O.N.K. method works especially well for people who want clear and precise instructions and the added benefit of a teacher or coach who can provide specific guidance. It appeals to all personality types, including Type "A"s who want to see results for themselves through their own effort and direct experience. The method also works well for those who are used to juggling a long list of responsibilities with demanding and stressful work environments and can't take years off from their career and can't necessarily dedicate a set time each day.

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Andrew's method worked insanely well for me just after the first week. If you want more inner peace and mental clarity, then give this program a chance. It has changed my life for the better, even living in a crazy place like New York City.”

— Michael B.

Real Estate Agent, New York City