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The Anti-Anxiety Blueprint For Greater Wealth and Success


Success was supposed to make you feel better, but you wake up every morning feeling anxious and not good.  It feels like you have a pain inside your head, or someone pushing down on your chest or an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach, from the moment you wake up. Some people respond by feeling the need to do more and be more so they can earn more.  Even if you try not to think about it, to push it out of your mind, it keeps coming back. 

You’re used to figuring things out, having the answers, and making things happen.  You pride yourself on it. Now that you can’t seem to get yourself unstuck, you’re starting to doubt yourself.  Instead of trusting your gut, you endlessly research the “right answer” for what you should do to break your plateau.  You tell yourself that you’re looking for answers and seeing what other people are doing when you spend hours scrolling social media, watching youtube videos, and listening to podcasts, but in reality, you’re procrastinating.  It’s easier than facing more failure at work.

Stress and anxiety have been building up like weights on your body.  It’s getting harder and harder to focus, think clearly, and be productive.  You look at your to-do list and despair hits you like a ton of bricks. You’re becoming increasingly reactive as well.  It used to take a lot to get you off balance, but lately, you’ve been snapping at people you care about, cursing at other cars on the road, and worrying a whole lot more about everything.  One wrong look from someone could set you off like your nerves are frayed.

Are you tired of feeling this way?

Are you tired of feeling like you are running on a treadmill ?

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“Andrew Scheffer's method is among the very best ways to produce the fundamental changes in your brain that lead to sustained higher performance. At least, that's my experience."

- Andrew B. CEO, The Trium Group

"What I love about this practice is that I have learned to be present, control unnecessary worries, and find ways throughout my day to calm my mind, gain greater focus and turn those worries into action items. I am in the now, present, and focused on what is actually important."

- Teresa S.

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"Andrew's method worked insanely well for me just after the first week. If you want more inner peace and mental clarity, then give this program a chance. It has changed my life for the better, even living in a crazy place like New York City.”

– Michael S., Real Estate Agent, New York NY

Our Differentiators 

 Teacher & Technique 

Teacher: Andrew Scheffer - is the only person with an MBA who trained for over 10,000 hours with world-leading meditation teachers and Buddhist Monks. He can save you years of searching for a method that works in the midst of busy careers and family demands. 

Technique: The "S" method works especially well for people who want clear methods and measurable results. It appeals to Type "A" personalities who are used to working in stressful jobs with a long list of responsibilities and who like being held accountable for their results with little free time to spare.

If you want access to the training methods that the 1% use, then make sure you learn these habits.

'Andrew's process can help you!' 

Marshall Goldsmith, World's most influential leadership thinker (2015 and 2011), top ten business thinker, top rated executive coach (2015, 2013, 2011)

Photo: Andrew and Marshall Goldsmith, July 2019


Meet Andrew:

A Proud MBA Alum & Former Monk

I help leaders and executives balance work demands and personal needs to build greater health, happiness and wealth using a two-winged approach that goes way beyond coaching, therapy, new-age fads, pop-culture apps and/or traditional financial services.  

Many years ago, I was getting stressed out. I could no longer focus and started procrastinating and having difficulty getting things done.  

In relationships, I was frustrated and angry and this started to affect my health, my career, and my general happiness. In fact, I was anxious, isolated and depressed but tried to keep a smile on for the world to see.  

Relationships, health, career, quality time - the things that really mattered to me started to feel meaningless, and I knew I needed not just money, but more happiness.  

So, I went all in and focused on figuring out how I really wanted to live the rest of my life.  

Ultimately I met a teacher and coach who helped me breakthrough.  

My breakthrough helped me recognize my passion for financial markets and making money.  

Over the past 25 years, I have applied these principals in my life, earned an MBA and built a successful career as a Financial Advisor and as a teacher/coach.  

At this point, I've worked with literally hundreds of ambitious, well educated, and motivated men and women -- helping them to live fully and avoid burnout, eliminate anxiety, conquer stress ...even when they're in the middle of complete chaos. I use practical strategies that use the untapped power of our minds, which are not taught in our Western educational system.  

WHAT I DO: I help clients create greater happiness and financial and professional success. 

I help business professionals make sense of their lives and get back on track. 

Get out of a rut; meet increasing demands, calmly; successfully evolve; create and manage wealth; and ultimately live a great life.  

WHY IT WORKS: I don't do BS. This isn't typical coaching. The only commodity I deal with is tangible results - Bridging that gap from my clients created reality to their desired state.  

WHAT I OFFER: I have a Coaching Program which is designed for business professionals on an upward trajectory who long for better lives, who want to enjoy their careers and business (again) and without the potential negative consequences of loss of or destruction of wealth, damaging relationships or deteriorating health.

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Learn effective and proven methods that produce distinct and measurable results. 

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Track The Mental And Physical Benefits You Gain As You Conquer Work Related Stress, Burnout and Cognitive Overload/Overwhelm

Health Boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and increase antibodies.

Focus & Working Memory Increase your ability to focus without distraction, enhancing performance and brain function.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety Recognize stressful thoughts, experience them completely differently and quiet your mind.

Mental Well-Being Decrease feelings of loneliness and overcome stress, anxiety and depression .

Energy & Creativity Improve energy levels and cognitive performance through increased endorphins and blood flow.

Emotional Intelligence Develop a more compassionate, deeper understanding of the inner lives of yourself, your loved ones and others, 



Breakthrough the patterns that are holding back your happiness and your financial and career success. Start to feel good about your life again. 

You can now overcome anxiety, stress, loneliess, procrastination, self-sabotage and other common roadblocks to success.

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This program has had more of an impact on me than 30 years of meditation. I’m finding the practical benefits manifesting quickly in my day to day life.

- Shari G -

Learn simple, effective and practical methods that you can apply in your daily life.

 Feel like you are on vacation in the midst of the hustle of your daily life.