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Make Money, Lead Others, and Be Happy. 


“Andrew Scheffer's method is among the very best ways to produce the fundamental changes in your brain that lead to sustained higher performance. At least, that's my experience."

- Andrew B. CEO, The Trium Group

"What I love about the Wharton Monk practice is that I have learned to be present, control unnecessary worries, and find ways throughout my day to calm my mind, gain greater focus and turn those worries into action items. I am in the now, present, and focused on what is actually important."

- Teresa S.

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"Andrew's method worked insanely well for me just after the first week. If you want more inner peace and mental clarity, then give this program a chance. It has changed my life for the better, even living in a crazy place like New York City.”

– Michael S., Real Estate Agent, New York NY

Are you working too hard?

Are you tired of feeling heavy and like you are just going through life's motions?

Are you ready to break free from the patterns holding you back? 

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We have a system that works. 

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'Andrew's process can help you!' 

Marshall Goldsmith, World's most influential leadership thinker (2015 and 2011), top ten business thinker, top rated executive coach (2015, 2013, 2011)

Photo: Andrew and Marshall Goldsmith, July 2019

Corporate Clients Include:

Measure the Change

Track The Mental And Physical Benefits You Gain As You Conquer Work Related Stress, Burnout and Cognitive Overload/Overwhelm

Health Boost your immune system, lower blood pressure, and increase antibodies.

Focus & Working Memory Increase your ability to focus without distraction, enhancing performance and brain function.

Reduce Stress & Anxiety Recognize stressful thoughts, experience them completely differently and quiet your mind.

Mental Well-Being Decrease feelings of loneliness and overcome stress, anxiety and depression .

Energy & Creativity Improve energy levels and cognitive performance through increased endorphins and blood flow.

Emotional Intelligence Develop a more compassionate, deeper understanding of the inner lives of yourself, your loved ones and others, 

Our Differentiators 

 Teacher & Technique 

Teacher: Andrew Scheffer - The Wharton Monk is the only person with an MBA who trained for over 10,000 hours with world leading meditation teachers and Buddhist Monks. He can save you years of searching for a method that works in the midst of busy careers and family demands. Andrew is a licensed Financial Advisor who can help you help you to apply them in your busy and hectic life based upon his own years of experience individually and coaching others. 

Technique: The Wharton Monk method works especially well for people who want clear methods and measurable results. It appeals to Type "A" personalities who are used to working in stressful jobs with a long list of responsibilties and who like being held accountable for their results.

If you want access to the training methods that the 1% use, then make sure you learn these habits.

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Learn effective and proven methods that produce distinct and measurable results. 



Breakthrough the patterns that are holding back your happiness and your financial and career success. Start to feel good about your life again. 

You can now overcome anxiety, stress, loneliess, procrastination, self-sabotage and other common roadblocks to success.

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This program has had more of an impact on me than 30 years of meditation. I’m finding the practical benefits manifesting quickly in my day to day life.

- Shari G -

Meet Andrew - The Wharton Monk

Andrew Scheffer, aka The Wharton Monk, has the unique distinction of being born in New York, educated at The Johns Hopkins University in Balitmore, MD and The Wharton School at The University of Pennsylvania and having traveled the world training with leading teachers over the course of 50+ years of his life, including (over 10,000 hours) in silent intensive meditation retreats.

But Andrew didn't leave what he learned behind. He applied the most valuable skills to the high pressure work environments and family situations, including relationships and parenting, and figured out what works.  

Since 2001, he has coached executives, entrepreneurs, health care workers, students and even spouses to rediscover their passion and purpose, to eliminate anxiety, stress and the frustration of every day struggles that we all face . Andrew helps people develop their own strengths of mind to discover the answers they need within themselves.  

If you have been wanting to learn more but weren't sure where to get started; or if you have experimented with different apps, programs or teachers and believe there are greater results possible, then this is the best program to build a strong foundation and develop amazing results.

Learn simple, effective and practical methods that you can apply in your daily life.

 Feel like you are on vacation in the midst of the hustle of your daily life.