A business executive, a father, a husband, a former monk and an active mindfulness practitioner. You can define all areas of your life with the highest standards.

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Andrew Scheffer, has bridged two seemingly disparate worlds: one of high performance sales and leadership in global corporations and another in personal development through periods of intensive training in various monasteries and retreat centers throughout the world focusing on mindfulness, ethics, leadership and emotional intelligence.

Raised in a traditional American family in Scarsdale, N. Y. ,  Andrew received a BA from The Johns Hopkins University and then went on to study with Buddhist monks and meditation masters for over twenty-five years spending more than ten thousand hours in silent meditation retreats.

Long before mindfulness became popular, Andrew recognized the transformative benefits of these practices and sought out the best teachers in the world. He practiced for twenty-five years with Sayadaw U Pandita, of Myanmar, one of the world’s most renowned mindfulness teachers, until his passing in 2016.

After eight years of full time meditation, Andrew entered Wharton Business School where he earned and MBA in 2001. Following graduation, he pursued a career in Wealth Management and Private Banking in New York, Singapore and most recently in Myanmar. His roles in global and regional banks (Morgan Stanley, UBS, ANZ and Bank of Singapore) in the capacities of Division Deputy, Team Head, Investment Consultant, Sales Manager and individual producer inform his perspective about challenges faced by both senior leaders and line employees in fast paced, high pressure corporate environments.

Since returning from over eight years overseas, Andrew has focused on his passion of bringing the ancient, beneficial mindfulness techniques in which he has been trained to corporate America specializing in mindfulness training, stress reduction, sales training, leadership training and the integration of mindfulness training into existing company training programs. Andrew’s extensive training and business experience informs an approach that is deeply grounded in tradition and the realities of the business world that brings an authenticity and effectiveness to his curricula.

Andrew has been featured on the app Happify, in Top Sales Magazine, the 10% happier Podcast and Wharton Business Radio. His growing roster of corporate and individual coaching clients include , GLh, The Peninsula Beverly Hills, Corporate Alliance ,Tiger 21 and many more. He has an online introductory program available to individuals that complements his corporate programs.

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